This is the 5th update which means that I have been in Vienna for 10 weeks and that is the end of my internship within opt2o. Already.

During my stay I worked for different projects, I had the opportunity to prove my worth, I was sometimes a little lost in the middle of all this but what I will remember especially is that I met extraordinary people. Extraordinary because they give their time and energy to change things not by obligation but because they sincerely believe in it.

I arrived with the status of intern, ready to discover the universe of opt2o, its values, its missions and the projects it defends and I am about to leave with the status of a full member having lived a wonderful adventure.

I’m leaving, of course, but I’m not abandoning the team because that’s also the magic of opt2o, it’s about being able, from wherever we are, to keep moving forward and build together our civil society.

I hope you enjoyed these opt2date, it was a pleasure to share them with you … and as my work is not done yet, I share with you once again the event organized on April 5 by Helmut for Patron4Change, the Changemakers Hangout!

So if you want to meet passionate Changemakers to offer your knowledge, to find the right answers to your questions and to get connected to the awesome network of our organization Option 2.0, please contact us!