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The 1on1 talks are an event series organised by @opt2o to network and exchange information in-between the annual Symbiosium – a symposium for innovative ideas and a symbiosis of life philosophies.

The idea is to make use of unexploited opportunities for collaboration and synergy, think and develop concrete alliances and exchange effectively face to face.

This time you will gather information about the #steemit-austria Community and the steem blockchain presented directly by the steemians of Vienna. At the same time you have the possibility to get feedback for your own blog and ideas from experienced crypto bloggers in the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of Cafe Monic. After the 1on1 talks with the steemit users of the City we’ll celebrate a party dedicated to this disruptive blockchain-based media platform, which is now two years old.

The steemians of the 1on1 talks will be announced soon by @nicoletta

And this is how it works:

Just drop by, visit the event and talk to a steemian of your choice.

Or reply to @nicoletta’s post and tell us in which time window you will be present at the event.


12:00 – 20:00 #1on1talks with the steemians of Vienna

20:00 – 3:00 #steemit-austria After Party

FREE entrance!

By sharing this event you are making this meetup and more community activities possible. Thank you for your support!