Nature & mountain experience by Georg: 2 days in the woods

  • 24th to 25th June, 2 days

  • travel costs, accommodation, food, drinks, guided tour

  • offered in English and German

  • 96 Euro

What we’ll do

We will meet at “U6 Siebenhirten” metro station at 12 a.m and drive one hour to Nasswald. Upon arrival Georg will make a quick tour inside and around the house, show you to your cozy wooden rooms and will have a special dish prepared for lunch. If you want you can relax in the spacious garden, in front of the fireplace in the school’s former classroom or you join an approximately 3 hours walk along the river in Hell’s valley. In the evening food will be cooked, accompanied and followed by music, drinks, good talks and many laughs for sure. On the next day we will start after breakfast to hike on top one of the area’s many peaks. During the hike we’ll have time to philosophy about life, human-nature relations and/or simply enjoy the moments in vicinity of amazingly breathtaking outdoors.

What the host provides

Georg offers you a trip to Nasswald by car or train with the accommodation, food, drinks and guided tours into the surrounding mountains.

Where we will be

We will be staying in Nasswald, a small alpine town located in the so called “Viennese Alps” between Schneeberg and Rax.

About your host

Georg is social Anthropologist and an experienced alpine guide. He loves to philosophise and to explore nature.

How to book

By clicking on the button below you will get the possibility to announce your interest in the experience within an email to your host Georg. He will be happy to give you further information on the booking process. 

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