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let’s break bohemian structures.
let’s open casual art spaces together.
let’s chat with Gerhard Leixl.
let’s spend a sunday in company.
let’s meet for a cup of tea!


we feel that art circulates mostly in elitist enviroments which on one side leads to exclusion within society and on the other builds barriers for artists to place their work.
we decided to open a new informal room for art at #HugInnVienna, the headquarter of Option 2.0.
therefore we set a cooperation with the austrian artist Gerhard Leixl ( and exhibit his paintings in the apartment.
we would like to introduce Gerhard Leixl to you in a casual and cozy atmosphere and talk about alternative art spaces.
also we want to continue the #TeaTime in the future, meaning we would be delighted if you want to offer space, ideas or your art.

location #HugInnVienna
to enjoy the afternoon with us contact
(limited seats available)

we would appreciate a little donation of 3 euros for tea & cake